Pediatric Dentistry

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No dental care should result in injury to the patient.

Dental injuries, whether from inadequate doctor or staff training, or negligent care, can result in loss of teeth, loss of bone of the jaws, permanent nerve damage, infection, hospitalization, brain damage and death.

Dr. Palmer represents clients seeking compensation for practitioner malpractice covering:

Anesthesia injuries

Unnecessary tooth loss

Improperly performed root canals

Dental implant injuries

Aspiration or ingestion of dental burs, teeth

Failure to recognize/treat infections

Surgical errors

Failing to evaluate medical history

Failing to treatment plan

Failing to diagnose oral cancer

Dental implants

Dental implant failures

Reconstructive dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry


I.V. sedation

Pediatric dentistry

Cleft palate care

Oral surgery


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